Glass Fencing Solutions has been providing glass swimming pool fencing & glass balustrade products and installation services to Adelaide and regional SA for over a decade now. We are a locally owned and operated business, catering for all things glass fencing!

Licensed Glass Fencing Installers


Is your Glass swimming pool fence installer licensed to install glass because this is an additional requirement from installing other types of pool fencing.

Glass Fencing Solutions is a licensed company registered under the South Australian government laws.

Our staff keeps abreast of the constant developments and changes within the Australian fencing standards and regulations. We ensure 100% legal compliance in all our projects.

Glass Fencing Installation Specialists

At Glass Fencing Solutions, not only do we supply glass fences and parts, but also provide expert fence installations. Given our rich experience, there is no pool shape or terrain we have not installed a fence on! Wherever you are in Adelaide or regional SA, we can install a glass fence for your pool in minimum turnaround time and at affordable prices.

Team of Experts
Glass Fencing Solutions boasts of a team of skilled professionals who are well trained to manage glass fence installations of any nature. Our team can also guide you on choosing the right layout, style and location for your glass fence.

No Waiting Times
Having our suppliers located within the Adelaide metro area enables us to finish fence installations in minimum time frames. When you choose GFS, you get a quality glass fence that fits your budget without having to go through unnecessary waiting for fittings and fixtures.

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South Australia.


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